Integrando Salud en el II Congreso de Informática en Salud de Paraguay

Integrando Salud en el II Congreso de Informática en Salud de Paraguay

Within the framework of the II Conference on Health Informatics (II JIS) , which took place in November in Asunción, Paraguay , with the aim that attendees share experiences and learn about the progress of Health Informatics, Dr. Sergio Montenegro , Founder & CEO of the platform that offers solutions in the Cloud for Doctors, Sanatoriums and Patients, spoke about Telemedicine and Omnichannel in Health Institutions .

During his dissertation, which was held in a full-room auditorium, Dr. Montenegro explained details about the advantages that Telemedicine offers for both Doctors, Institutions and Patients, and focused on the video consultation proposal , which allows to provide “virtual consultations” through a connection so that the professional can attend remotely, efficiently and charging for this service.

In Argentina and the world, this proposal is growing in double digits since, with such a high penetration of Internet connections and smartphones, patients are demanding such solutions, while doctors allow them to channel these doubts and questions that currently arrive through more informal channels such as email, WhatsApp and social networks.

“Health professionals have to adopt new digital solutions because patients know that it is possible to evacuate certain consultations simply and quickly, avoiding transfers and delays. In addition, it is a unique proposal for which to receive fees, while providing professional benefits since, for example, the video consultation of Integrando Salud is integrated with the schedule of shifts and offers an optimal image quality, ” explained Dr Montenegro, adding: “There are already success stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of this platform. For example, in smoking cessation treatments, ”he concluded.

According to different studies at a global and local level, patients are interested in accessing this type of medical services, since in their daily lives they are already carrying out endless actions such as checking the bank account, obtaining shifts of all kinds, Make purchases and book tickets, among others.

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